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Our very first International


Don Rewita

Our first Natural Olympian

Menden Mahe

Junior Natural Mr Olympia



S.P.N.P.A. President

Peter Hardwick


INBA New Zealand Events


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INBA New Zealand Bodybuilding Events

​INBA New Zealand Fitness Events

In1990 Bodybuilding in New Zealand had established itself as a recognised sport but still retained the stigma associated with performance enhancing drugs and supplements such as steroids. Peter Hardwick, already at that time involved for many years in the organisation and promotion of the sport, recognised the need for an association dedicated to the drug free Bodybuilding athlete.

He founded the South Pacific Natural Physique Association to encourage those in New Zealand and the South Pacific who wished to follow a healthy Bodybuilding regime. Those who wished to build impressive natural physiques and who wanted to compete against those who followed the same principles on a level playing field.

The first SPNPA competition was held on Auckland's North Shore with a modest 19 contestants and the Overall Mens Champion was Don Rewita who became the first SPNPA athlete to represent New Zealand internationally. The following year the SPNPA held the first South Pacific Natural Physique Championships in Taupo, an event which has over the years gained an iconic status as "the Taupo Show".

This event has not missed a year since its inception and until the last few years was the only event held by the SPNPA. In the early years the SPNPA were assisted by a company who adhered to the same Natural principles and who have supported us over the years - Horleys - Intelligent Sports Nutrition.

SPNPA teams have represented New Zealand in International competition every year since its inception and more than held their own on the Natural Bodybuilding arena. In 1998 New Zealand became a founding member, together with Australia and the USA, of a new International Natural Bodybuilding Association INBA. The SPNPA then adopted the INBA Competition guidelines for its New Zealand events.

With the formation of the INBA a new International Contest was inaugurated to attract and award the best Natural athletes in the World - The Natural Olympia. New Zealand was well represented at the first Natural Olympia which was held in the country that was the home of the original Olympic Games - Greece. Menden Mahe became the first New Zealander to win a Natural Olympia Gold Medal when he won the Junior Class.
Since that time New Zealand teams have brought home many Gold Medals and other trophies. Join us and enjoy Bodybuilding competition - the Natural way!