Bikini diva

The Bikini Diva Class offers a contest for members who compete at the softer
range of physical development.

1/ A competitor who prefers to develop and maintain a bikini body, shape and

2/ A competitor with a naturally occurring bikini body who wishes to compete

3/ A complete Novice

Once a Bikini competitor develops increased muscle tone and/or six pack

abdominals she should move into the Fitness Model Class. "6 pack

abdominals" serve as a very good standard. A Bikini Diva competitor can

have a flat stomach but if she has defined abdominals she should progress

to the Fitness Model Class.

Competitors should display a very confident and feminine attitude and keep a

relaxed posture. There is no flexing allowed. This is not a Bodybuilding or

Physique competition.

Bikini Diva Required Attire: A two piece fashion Bikini. There is no restriction

on fabric or style. However avoid the 'posing costume' typical of Ms Physique or

Bodybuilding contestants. A Bikini Diva will be better served wearing a bikini that

displays a sense of fashion and style.

Competitors also wear high heels during their round.

A Bikina Diva competitor will deliver a combination of these objectives.

Beauty: Overall cosmetic appearance, photogenic, skin tone and physical


Poise and General Impression: Overall grooming, personality, Self

assurance, composure and walk.

Tone: Overall physical tone with no muscle separation. The Judges are not

looking for muscle mass or muscle separation.They are looking for shapely,

toned bodies.

Bikini Diva Class consists of one round which has two elements - an individual

Stage Walk and Group Comparisons. Competitors may come out indivdually

or as a group to perform a Stage Walk. There is no set path for a stage walk as

stage shape and dimensions vary greatly between venues. However all Stage

Walks finish with each competitor performing the 4 symmetry quarter turns, in

their own time, in the centre of the stage.

During the Stage Walk the Judges will be assessing stage presence and

confidence, execution of quarter turns, bikini model walk, appearence, bikini

selection and overall presentation.

In the Symmetry Round, all competitors face the Judging Panel and perform

four quarter turns as a whole lineup. Bikini Diva competitors have freedom to

shape their body on each turn so it looks most appealing. The turns and

stances should by model-like and relaxed. Do NOT do turns like a Figure or

Physique competitor. A Bikini Diva's stage persona and self confidence are as

important as their appearance.

Bikini Diva has three Classes of Competition.

Novice: Must not have won a Bikini contest or placed in the top three in a National or International contest held by any Federation or Association.

Open: Any Bikini contestant from any Association or Federation may enter except those who have Pro Card status.

Bikini Momma: Open to any contestant who has given birth in the two years before the date of the contest.