Classic Figure is a variation of International Figure which recognises the fact that many women have had children, achieved great weight loss or undergone surgery. Whilst these women have achieved the toned muscle and symmetry required for Figure competition they are unable to to undo the toll that these marks of life have taken on their body and could be construed as faults in the context of Figure judging.

Classic Figure is performed and judged the same as International Figure except that the competition costumes are one piece.

Classic Figure

In most countries, Figure is the most popular female division. Only in Australia and New Zealand has Ms Physique (Figure) with a muscularity round remained popular. We will refer to this division as International Figure to avoid confusion with previous Figure divisions.

International Figure competition consists of one round which has two elements - Individual Stage Walk and Group Comparisons.

Stage Walk:Competitors enter on stage individually to perform a Stage Walk.

There is no set path for a stage

walk as stage shape and dimensions vary greatly between venues. The path will usually be be

outlined to contestants on the day of the event.

However, all stage walks finish with each competitor performing their four symmetry quarter turns

(in their own time) in the centre of the stage.

During the Stage Walk the Judges will be assessing stage presence, confidence, execution of the

quarter turns, figure walk and stance, skin tone, suit selection and overall presentation. As each

contestant finishes her quarter turns she will join a line at the left of stage until all contestants

have finished their Stage Walk.

When directed by the Head Judge the contestants form a line across the stage facing the

Judging Panel.

Quarter Turn Symmetry Round. The terminology used in this round describes it as a non-

posing or non-flexing round. However you should never completely relax while onstage and

under the Judges scrutiny.

As directed by the Head Judge the contestants will perform the four quarter turns as directed.

Hints: When facing the front or rear do not stand with your arms raised to the side in an effort to

accentuate your "V" back taper. Your hands should not be more the four inches (10cm) from

your quads.

When performing the turns that require you to stand side on to the Judging Panel do not twist

your upper torso. The Judges are looking for structural faults that require your ear, shoulder,hip,

knee and ankle to be in a vertical straight line.


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