MS Sports (Fitness) Model

The object of the Sports (Fitness) Model round is to find the contestant who would ideally represent the

Sports and Fitness industry.

This Class is judged over two rounds.

Round 1 Women. Swim Suit Two Piece Bikini Round

Contestants require a two piece fashion Bikini. There is no retriction onfabric or style but they should

avoid the 'posing costume' of a 'Physique' or 'Bodybuilding' competitor.

A Fitness Model will be better served wearing a Bikini that displays a sense of fashion and style.

High heeled shoes are also worn during this round.

Competitors will be introduced individually and enter at the back of the stage, walking to the centre then walking

to the centre front of the stage. After a short pause they will walk to stage left, turn and walk across the stage to

stage right, turn and walk to stage centre. They will then walk to stage left and start a line at that point until all

contestants have been introduced and completed their stage walk.

The contestants will then be directed to present themselves on stage in a straight line facing the Judges, assuming

a semi relaxed stance with heels touching. The Head Judge will instruct the group to execute a series of quarter

turns to the right allowing the Judges to view them from the front, left side, back, right side before returning to the

front position.

The Judges will be looking for: Overall grooming, personality,self assurance,sex appeal, composure and carriage

along with symmetry, shape and some muscle definition.

2/ Fitness Workout Wear Round

Women: Wear Shorts and Crop Top or similar. Running or Gym Shoes.

Each contestant will be introduced individually and repeat the stage walk procedure as performed in Round 1.

Again the contestants are required to form a line across the stage and are directed through a series of quarter turns.

In all rounds, competitors should remain in an erect but relaxed posture.

Do not flex or try to emphasize muscle size - this is not a Bodybuilding competition.

What the Judges are looking for:

Women - Bikini Round

Body: Physique should display a fit body with a nice abdominal section.

Appearance: Does she have sex appeal?

Stature: Ability to turn, moveand stand with confidence and grace like a Fitness Model.

Symmetry: Overall shape and line.

Structural Flaws: Skeletal assessment

Women  - Fitness Wear Round.

Appearance: Does She look like a Fitness Model - Project a nice healthy appearance?

Beauty: Women: Is she beautiful?

Physical Appearance,  Is her physique appealing?

Poise: Does she walk and hold his stage presence with confidence?

Charisma: General Impression.