A.) The judges will be looking for poise and coordination, skin tone, artistic presentation and high display of elegance, personality and glamour.

B.) In all rounds, competitors should maintain erect but relaxed posture. Do not flex or try to emphasize muscle size-this is a Fitness Competition not a Bodybuilding division.

C.) The judging will be conducted in two equal rounds. Each competitor in the class will be given a point score with an overall tabulation of points between all rounds. In the event of a draw the Routine Round score takes preference.


Competitors will present themselves on stage in serial order in a straight line facing the judges: assuming a semi- relaxed stance with ankles touching. The head judge will instruct the group to execute a series of quarter turns to the right allowing the judges to view them from the front, left side, back and right side before returning to the front position. The judging is based on overall symmetry and muscle definition. Competitors should have a good to excellent muscle tone and appear to have reasonable levels of body fat.

The judges are not looking for muscle mass", ripped to the bone", extreme striations or the vascularity of a bodybuilder.
No jewelry, gloves, hats, etc. are permitted.

The Judges objectives are;
A) the competitors should have good to excellent muscle tone with reasonable levels of body-fat;

B) the physique should appear evenly developed with a high degree of attention to symmetry, proportion and overall appearance including complexion, poise and overall presentation. The lean muscularity of the upper and lower extremities should flow aesthetically when viewed from all sides creating a balanced sculpted appearance.


Competitors will present a fitness routine in active wear for a maximum of 90 seconds. They will emphasize strength, flexibility and endurance. The routines are meant to give the judges some idea of the competitor's physical condition and abilities. It also gives the competitor the opportunity to express their creativity, personality and interests.

Competitors are encouraged to include any talent or interest they may have such as dance, martial arts, jumping rope, baton, gymnastics, aerobics, etc.-Props may be used.

Please note-competitors are not expected to be gymnasts. Although, routines are to be high energy which includes movements demonstrating strength, flexibility and endurance, gymnastic tumbling and/or acrobatics is not required, and judges will not penalize competitors that do not display gymnastic ability.

Judging objectives are;

A) High level execution of movements, including full extensions. Execution of movements should appear effortless;

B) Difficulty and diversity of routine elements; C) clean and fluid transitions;

D) Adequate use of props-if props are used they should be properly incorporated into the routine;

E) Projection of audience awareness-this also include audience participa¬ tion and stage presence;

F) Projection of personality and creativity.

Mr & Ms Fitness

INBA Judging Criteria