Ms Physique

Ms Physique

This is similar to NABBA 'Figure' Class except there is no height to weight ratio required.

The requirement for the Ms Physique Class varies from female 'Bodybuilding' in sutble ways. While Physique competitors should not have the bulk of a 'Bodybuilder' it is judged along the lines of a Bodybuilding contest. Physique competitors should reduce their bodyfat levels as low as possible while still maintaining muscle fullness, hardness and definition, but taken to the point that stops before the competitor loses their 'female figure and shape' and the muscle groups lose their fullness or dimension.

Extreme vascularity and muscle striation will be marked down.

Physique competition is conducted in three rounds.

1/ Symmetry Round: In a line across the stage the contestants are requested to perform four quarter turns together in a semi relaxed state as requested by the Head Judge. This allows the Judges to assess the contestants structure in comparison to each other. During this round the Judges may request particular contestants be called out for more close comparison.

2/ Muscularity Round: Again in a line the contestants are requested to perform six poses together to the instructions of the Head Judge. This allows the Judging Panel to assess the muscular development of the physique from all perspectives.

3/ Free Posing Round: Each contestant individually performs a 60 second posing routine to music of their own choice. Usually this round is not judged but allows the contestants to showcase their physiques to the audience. These routines are all in contention for an 'Overall Best Presentation' award presented at the end of the event.

                            Symmetry Quarter Turns                                                                     Muscularity Round Compulsory Poses

The poses in the Muscularity Round are

a/ Front Double Biceps Pose b/ Side Chest Pose from either side c/ Rear Double Bicep Pose e/ Side Tricep Pose from either side

f/ Abdominal and Thigh Pose g/ Most Symmetrical Pose (This pose is the one that the contestant thinks shows her physique to its best advantage) 

Hands always remain open. Jewelry and hair decorations are allowed.Competitors may NOT twist their physiques in the Symmetrical round.

At National and International level competitions contestants may not cross over into Bodybuilding and vice versa.