inba New Zealand Female Shape Competition

The Shape Class was introduced to encourage those who have developed a toned body but who are uncertain of which Class to in which to participate.

For those who are a little too toned for the Bikini Diva yet feel they are not quite ready for the Physique or Figure Classes the Shape Class is an ideal Class in which to compete.

Shape is a little more demanding than the Bikini Diva Class in that it is judged over three rounds: Bikini Comparison Round, Routine to Music Round and a Evening Wear Round.

1/ Bikini Comparison Round. Contestants form a line before the Judges and are directed through four quarter turns in a relaxed stance. No flexing is allowed.The contestants are then directed through a series of six compulsory poses to allow the Judges to assess the degree of development of the individual physiques. These poses are different from those seen in the "Physique" or "Bodybuilding" Classes and are designed to accentuate the more feminine aspects of the physiques. Defined muscle, striations and vascularity will be marked down in this round, hands should remain open at all times.

Stance One: Front stance with arms down. Arms are placed away from the side of the body approxiamately 30cm. Leg placing optional.

Stance Two: Front stance with arms raised, leg placing optional.

Stance Three: Left side stance with right arm raised, leg placing optional.

Stance Four: Rear stance with arms down, leg placing optional.

Stance Five: Rear stance with arms raised, leg placing optional

Stance Six: Right side stance with left arm raised, leg placing optional

2/ Free Posing Round. Contestants will be called out individually to perform to their own music a routine of not more than 60

seconds. The routine will be performed in their bikini but props may be used. Competitors are encouraged to display their own

personality and incorporate aspects of any activety or sport that they may participate in. e. Dance, gymnastics etc. This round

is judged so contestants should pay particular attention to their presentation. Bodybuilding or muscleposes should be avoided

in this round.

3/ Evening Wear Round. This is the contestants opportunity to "Glam Up" and present themselves in appropriate evening

wear either shorter "Cocktail" or the more full length "Evening Gowns".  Again this round is judged. The contestants will be

announced individually and will be directed to perform a modified stage walk before forming a line at the side of the stage.

When all contestants have done this they will be directed to line up on stage, facing the Judges for a final scrutiny.

It can be seen that the Shape Class showcases every aspect of feminine performance on stage and is an excellent guide and

indication for contestants who wish to proceed further into competition as to which Class or Classes they may wish to follow in

future competition.